Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Community Engagement Project for Augusta Park Public Art programme



East Anton, Andover

I am pleased to have been appointed by the Test Valley Borough Council to carry out a public consultation on the creation of two public art commissions for the Open Spaces of Augusta Park.

Open Space will offer an exciting programme of art activities across the estate during the next few months. With a team of artists, historian and storyteller we will develop ideas with the participants to help inform a research, leading onto creating a commission brief for artists to respond to.

We wish to engage a wide range of residents to connect through art and relate to the history of farming embedded in the landscape. The programme will aim at  creating a sense of place and a sense of identity,  to find out what would make Augusta Park a vibrant community.

Find out more on Facebook at Augusta Park Open Space.

New Art and History Project

A Postcard For Swindon

Swindon Town Centre Through the Looking Glass

I will be running a new Postcard project for the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery during the spring 2015.

The project offers to sample out the Swindon population and take a closer look at what makes the town what it is! Who lives here? Where do they come from, what is their relationship with the history of the place? How did they become part of it whether recently or a long time ago?

Collecting local and personal history within a circular sample map of Swindon City Centre, I will meet individuals and groups located within equal distance from the future location of the museum, in an attempt to map out the life of the city centre, depicting what lies behind the closed doors of the residents’ memories as well as the vibrant street life.