The French Artist at Bath Fringe; at Pre Fab La

PREFAB-Lab (Practice, Research, Exhibition) is an exploratory trial and interim analysis exhibition offering a view of artistic research through the lens of a Scientific Laboratory.  Using the familiar language and visual references of the lab we want to ask 'What does artistic research look like?' 'How and where does it function?' 'What are the results?'
PREFAB-Lab aims to explore the potential 'lack of fit' between artistic research and its publication at exhibition.  How does the site of the exhibition define an artist's work? What is the relationship between studio practice and exhibited work?  What possibilities does the exhibition offer to research interests?
We are asking for artists to participate in the lab (minimum requirement of 3 days) during the FAB16 festival (Fringe Arts Bath Festival 2016) with two in-takesstarting on either Saturday 28th May or Wednesday 1st June and culminating in an interim analysis exhibition which will end on Sunday 12th June.  
Research concerns need not be tied to the site of the Lab, however, participants must undertake some Lab-work each day of their trial.  We will be asking you to share and debate your research with your peers and undertake routine lab protocols aimed at offering the viewing public an opportunity to consider the work behind an artist's work.

My intervention: "The French Artist"exploring"My Unborn Child"
Exploring thinking and reflecting through collaboration; Researching artistic Research;

Provoking thoughts at the start;

Artist on Strike over unpaid proposal writing;

    No Pay for Junior or senior Artists

The Multiples of Artists positions

Giving shape to emotions

The Artist is present 

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