Monday, 28 September 2009

Saturday 17th of October
Open Studio day
a full day of events
Laurence Rushby, French artist based in Salisbury since 1996 invites the public to become part of her artwork; On Saturday October the 17th, Laurence will welcome you for a full day of events to present her new work, LIMITS. All you need to do is dress in red and come prepared for an experience with a difference.
Laurence investigated the notion of Limits in response to spending the winter in a wheelchair following spinal injury. Limited in her mobility, she began to explore the way boundaries, whether physical, social, mental or emotional define our perception of life and our identity.
When moving into her new studio in April, Laurence began stretching red lines between walls, ceiling and floor as a way to explore her new spatial awareness. She challenged her limits when taking her lines outdoor to use the context of the land, once a military defence facility, still surrounded by restricted zones. The journey through the lines became an emotional statement shaped by unpredictable rises and falls, shifts and loose ends. The result is a series of installations, haikus, photography, paintings and live performances.
The events will unfold as follow;
· 10.00 am onwards a free visit
· 12.00Official opening of LIMITS by Mme Mayor of Salisbury, Bobby Chetelburgh.
· 12.30 picnic (bring your own)
· 2.00 talk and presentation of the work’s context and development.
· 3.00 become part of the art; come with a plain red T-shirt if possible
· Life size camera obscura to observe the work in progress
· 5.00 end of the day, meet at the local pub
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