Monday, 1 December 2014

Art and History Project By Artist Laurence Dube-Rushby

A Postcard For Stanmore

Commissioned by Winchester City Council and Stanmore Community Association

The artwork on these hoardings was produced during the summer of 2014 by Salisbury-based artist Laurence Dubé-Rushby.

Laurence set up a base in the former library on Wavell Way, and invited local residents to come and share their memories, pictures and stories. All in all, around 350 people took part in the project, which lasted 10 weeks with many more continuing to participate online with over 3000 Facebook reach.

As a result of her work, six ‘postcards’ were produced, capturing the essence of Stanmore.  Together, they form a timeline which places the neighbourhood in its historical context, showing how Stanmore is in a state of constant evolution, from green fields to the houses and landmarks of today.

With a smart phone, you can scan the QR codes to listen to the recordings. These are also available on the YouTube page A Postcard for Stanmore.  Enjoy the full collection on and continue to share your memories on the project Facebook page

For further information about the project contact Mark Maitland, New Homes Delivery Team, Winchester City Council at or 01962 848 518.

Message from the Artist

“The Postcards can be seen as a whole or can be looked into, closely and carefully.  Take a walk along Stanmore’s Memory Lane; you might find yourself, a friend or a dear teacher, a piece of your life or a shared memory. The stories are “snippets” of lives collected over the summer, and the display reflects the way people told them to me. Memories might have been transformed or blurred by time. Now is your time to talk and put them right!  Thank you Stanmore for your wonderful participation”. 

The following organisations  have contributed to the collection of images and have kindly allowed the artist to reproduce the images for the purpose of the project:

City of Winchester Trust                                                 The Rifles Benevolent Trust
Winchester City Council Museums Service                  The Hampshire Chronicle
TVAS (Thames Valley Archaeology)                               The Carroll Centre
Stanmore Community Association                                 St Luke’s Church
Stanmore Primary School                                                North Stanmore Residents Assoc.



Monday, 9 June 2014

January to June 2014

Taxidermy Training

at London Taxidermy Academy

March/April/May 2014

Arts And Health Training

with Willis Newson, Bristol
Bursary award from Wiltshire Council

April/May 2014

Animal Totem

Artsmark project; Leesland School, Gosport
with CAS


Earth, Sky, Stone

With English Heritage and Stonehenge.

Project Manager  and Lead Artist

Earth Sky Stone was a project funded by English Heritage to engage a group of young adults with learning disabilities, offering them the opportunity to discover and explore the Stones ,the new visitor centre and the landscape around. The project unfolded over 6 weeks in the summer 2014. 
The development of the work has uncovered many layers of process happening in parallel; the project itself and the interactions with the participants have been inspirational for both artists and the group. Beside this there has been the collaborative process and the individual development for Laurence and Kate , revisiting a previous artistic relationship in a new time, from new perspectives and in a new landscape.   It also has opened up the previously unexplored medium of archaeology with the participation of author and resident archaeologist Julian Richards.
The underlying themes of Transformation, Change and Perspectives, was an invitation for artists to explore the conflict between permamence and impermanence  inevitably echoing  our own mortality.

The project unfolded as a story. A story of letting go of old perspectives and  looking at things in new and different ways, investigating physical and emotional relationship to landscape and looking at the past to understand how, in the present, we can shape the future

May/June 2014;

Project management of

Encounters Shop Andover

A Community Engagement project designed by Ruth Ben-Tovim, commissioned by Test Valley Council.
I was invited to project manage the Encounter Shop during May/June 2014; the 5 weeks working in collaboration with 5 artists created a  fresh insight into public engagement and much scope for further artist collective works.

March/April 2014;

Library Odyssey  Talking Book-plates 

Collaborative project with Hoodwink theatre and 
the Wiltshire Libraries

February/ March 2014

Artsmark Project; " Dans La Foret", as part of  Artswork/RIO programme.
Portway Infant School, Andover

January 2014 

Laurence joined The Chapel Art,  Artist Associate (CAS) group and network, Andover, Hampshire.

January 2014;

Awarded Re-View mentoring bursary by a-n, artist newsletter.

Laurence met with Curator Carolyn Black, Curator and Artist Amanda Wallwork, artist Elpida Hadzi Vasileva, (represented Macedonia at Venice Biennale 2013) and artist Judith Alder (founder  of the Blue Monkeys artist network and selected for Jerwood Drawing prize).
Over 3 months, Laurence has reviewed her art practice and shaped proposals, thus raising her profile in the national art scene. follow her progress on a-n, artists talking blog.