Monday, 15 June 2015

Andover Loves Me Back

Drawing from the history of woollen industry, I walked the heart shaped route of Andover town, (once a route used by farmers to bring sheep to the market). On my way, I have hand spun local wool, dyed red with madder, carrying a spindle on a belt to replicate a tradition from Eastern European countries where women mix their wool work with other daily choughs; the tradition is for their husband to decorate the belt they carry as an expression of love towards their partner.

While walking I engaged with Andover people and collected love, connection and serendipity stories from the Town.
The stories will come and decorate the belt.

As part of the bureau of exchange, I visited the shop and spun the connections and conversations that were made during this collaborative project, wether with the public or between the artists involved.

I am presenting a showcase of the project, including a short film, an installation and a discussion

at Bureau of Exchange , 
Union Street Andover,
Wednesday 17th, 5 pm.