Monday, 25 May 2015

Andover Loves Me Back

Art Exchange

by Laurence Dube-Rushby
Andover Heart Map
Drawing from the history of the woollen industry, Laurence will walk the heart shaped route of Andover town, (once a route used by farmers to bring sheep to the market). 
On her way, she will hand spin local wool, carrying a spindle on a belt to replicate a tradition from Eastern European countries. The women would mix their wool work with other daily chores; the tradition is for their husband to decorate the belt they carry as an expression of love towards their partner. While walking Laurence will engage with Andover people and collect love, connection and serendipity stories from Andover Town.
Each story will be represented on the belt.
Meet her in the street while she walks and offer your story. 
Follow the thread and create connections with Andover people, with artists and with the rest of the world.
“The Heart of Andover”, a workshop with local Jewellery maker Ruth Facey will complete the work. Come and cast your own pewter token to decorate the belt! (date a location tbc)
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Event dates:

Connect with Laurence while she walks and spins in Andover on the following dates:

Wednesday 27th May: Laurence will visit Tom Mortimer and his team and will walk the Heart route of Andover
Wednesday 3rd: Laurence will visit Lydia and the swap shop. She may swap yarns for stories and walk the route.
Thursday 11th: Laurence will visit Dave Dixon in the shop and walk the heart route of Andover. 
Wednesday 17th: Laurence will visit Peter preparing for his March , help create awareness, invite the public by walking the Heart route of Andover 
Sat 20th: Laurence will attend the March for optimism from 4pm and will spin while walking with all.

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